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Are you excited or stressed for your upcoming relocation? Whichever emotion you have, we got you!

Coraza Movers is your smartest choice. We are one of the few trusted relocation, moving and packing company of the north york Toronto area. We are at service 24/7. Indigenous Canadians who are veteran in the industry oversee the company. Coraza Movers has trained equipped personnel and staff to assist you. Also, our company has superior equipment and packaging materials. Thus, we are confident that we handle your valuables with the utmost care. We have services from your packing needs to furniture assembly assistance, an all-in-one package.

We are the Best Small moving company Toronto for Commercial/Household service provider. We guarantee a delightful convenience that only true experts can provide. With our history and countless satisfied feedback, we move you without tears!

Our Moving Services

Valuable things in every home deserves delicate care. We ensure families to move their belongings with heart. It is our passion to let you feel at ease while you relocate.

In case you have to move further, we can go for extra mile for you. Longer distance means our happiness and satisfaction in helping you. Let us move your packages, wherever you need to.

Your business is our business too. Whenever you need to transport your office packages, we’ll come! It is our pleasure to assist you to your new haven of investment.

Two heads is better than one, indeed! We got manpower to help your packing needs. We’ll help you speed up the process and put everything in place.

We understand the exhaustion you feel. Whether you are packing or unpacking, we promised to be there. Coraza Movers will help you all the way.

Is it too big or too heavy? Lifting them is one of our special offers! We recognize how important this is to you. Extra big machineries and equipment will be relocated just the way you want it.
10 Tips for a Faster and Easier Move
Our goal is to transfer all you packages from one place to another. Our target is to unload it as careful as possible. We know this might stress our customers. That’s why we promise them that our company has equipped manpower to do this. 
effective move
We don’t just provide services. We also have supplies. Whenever you need boxes and other packaging needs, be confident with us. We have everything you need for your relocation. Contact us anytime.

Professional Movers

At Coraza Movers we have top cream skills, our workforce is well trained and have the necessary skills and instruments to load and unload all your valuable articles without a single scratch. Moreover, Coraza Movers do a background check for all their trained packer and mover persons. So you can rest assured about the security of your valuables.

Storage Facilities

The Coraza Movers offer both long term and short term storage facilities. If the final destination of your relocation is not determined yet then getting a storage facility is a really great option. You can store your valuables for a certain period. The Coraza movers and packers have large storage facilities and they are located for easy access to the central business districts and other parts of Toronto too.

Stress Free Moving

Coraza movers employees will be held to the highest level of customer service. Our employees will be skilled, knowledgeable, and dependable.
The company makes a budget considering all the relocation expenses and the payable amount will not exceed the estimated budget. Ease of access is also very paramount with us. When you get a storage facility, you are able to access your valuables at any time. Coraza Movers will offer you 24 hours access.

Reliable Pricing

Coraza Movers do not charge you a huge amount. We offer reasonable and fixed price which is affordable for the common people. We are open and clear about our terms and conditions.There are no “hidden expenses” or clauses which might get you into trouble or increase the final amount of money.

Client Testimonial

"I recommend Coraza Movers as your first choice for all your moving needs. Everything with my move was excellent. Professional, Punctual, Good Value, and Quick I would not hesitate to call them for any move."
"Hector and Miguel did a fantastic job. Showed up on time, wrapped everything, took care and moved quickly! 10/10. Very fair price. Looking forward to my next move!"

Best Moving Company Toronto

This is one of the most important factors when it comes to Coraza Movers. We focus our attention on details by taking care of every step of your relocation. 

Firstly, we offer safe and secure packing services, offer you the complete details of the route they are going to take for the relocation and finally, we also help you with the unpacking of your valuables. 

Not all the companies do offer help and support in unpacking but the renowned companies like Coraza Movers will help you even in unpacking. 

We ensure that each of your valuable articles is relocated to the destination in perfect condition.

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When you choose Coraza Movers, you work with people who do the right things for each other and for our customers.

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