Moving Day Tips

After all those preparations, it’s easy to assume that everything is done, and now you just have to wait until you arrive at your destination. But there are a few things that should be taken care of on moving day.
  • Take metre readings. On moving day, take metre readings of the property you are about to leave and submit them to your local suppliers. Take a photograph of your metres on your mobile phone.
  • Load the moving van strategically. When loading the truck, load all of your furniture and other heavy items first, then follow up with your boxes and bags. If there’s anything you’ll need right away at the new place, save it until the very end.
  • Hold valuables and documents. Gather valuable paperwork, jewellery, and small family heirlooms. Keep these special items separate from your moving boxes and transport them by hand or via a trackable and insured shipping service.
  • Avoid rush hour. There can be a moving “traffic jam” at certain times of the year. The most reputable movers get booked early during the late spring and summer months when half of all moving takes place, so plan ahead!
  • Take photos of your cleaned out new home. If you’re renting, take photos of your cleaned-out old new home before moving in. This is essential if you ever hope to get your deposit back.


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