How to make an effective move?


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How to make an effective move?



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At Coraza Movers we want to give you the information necessary to make an effective move advised by trusted professionals and step by step the work of moving furniture and personal objects in a move.

Moving tips for an Effective Move

It requires organization to be efficient prior to moving truck loading to package with logic and load in order and then when unpacking and place everything back jean step by step.

  1. You have to disassemble room by room
  2. Label the boxes
  3. Filling small boxes with heavy and large objects with light objects
  4. You have to protect the crockery and glassware and label it as fragile
  5. Clothing is convenient to carry in a bag
  6. Prepare a survival box for the first few days at home

 Organization is key in a move, especially when filling out the boxes, it is best to focus on a stay and gradually disassemble, key step for an effective move.

For an effective move It is necessary to write on the boxes the place where the objects that go inside belong to facilitate the unpacking process, filling the boxes requires order and logic, small boxes should be filled with heavy objects and large boxes with light objects to facilitate their transportation.

effective move

Fragile objects

For an effective move you have to pack the dishes separately and carefully you can use wraparound plastic, newspaper, even popcorn to boost and protect.

Also the glasses and cups label the box with a fragile is not too much, the clothes it is convenient to carry it in bags for comfort and capacity are even better than the suitcases.

Large garbage bags or garden are a good resource for moving bedding and textiles from home in general such as pillows and cushions.

Precautions in an Effective Move

To finish an effective move and although everything is planned, you do not have to be careful preparing a survival box, just a small travel suitcase with clothes and personal hygiene products, pajamas, work clothes and products for daily use, with this small gesture we can avoid having to open all the boxes to find those rings we need.

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